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Language SOS

For anyone in need of urgent and immediate online language support

Language SOS is access to a real language assistant for anyone in need of urgent and immediate online language support in Italian. You can purchase an hour (or more) of ‘in-language’ time with one of our native speakers for any urgent matters. Currently, the service is only active in Italian for foreigners living in Italy or visiting Italy. The service aims to provide language support for:

Dealing with bureaucracy, written or oral, concerning the purchase of a house, transfer of residence, activation of new utilities, healthcare, etc.

Speaking with a lawyer, notary, doctor, or accountant, any native Italian speaker with whom communication needs to be clear and effective

Correcting an important document, form filling, or any other paperwork

Practising a last-minute presentation, speech, or any work-related context

Writing an urgent e-mail

Getting support during an important business call

Any kind of emergency while on holiday in another country

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The Italian language course for your driving license test

Fluente Languages offers a personalized Italian course to help you study Traffic Laws and everything else you need to pass the Italian Driving License exam.
With our course, you can acquire all the technical vocabulary and understand the nuances of the Italian language necessary not only to pass the driving test but also to manage the linguistic challenges of everyday life in Italy.
Contact us and we will be happy to plan your tailored-made course!