Learn fast, stress free

Our method

Learn differently: learn a language through a different perspective!

Fluente languages provides learner with their own Personal Language Trainer who motivates them, identifies the best approach that works for them and then guides them to achieve their language goals.
We want students to get the most out of our courses and learn quickly in a stress-free environment!
We don’t believe that one-method-fits-all: there are many ways to learn a language and each student has their own personality, strengths, aptitude and learning style.
We work with each participant individually to define the most suitable personalised learning path to master language and define together the techniques and activities that work best for each individual because each learner is unique!

The key points of our method

It combines several methodologies, the most effective for each participant

A preliminary step is necessary to identify the techniques and activities that work best for each learner according to their particularities

An evaluation system that allows students to measure their progress effectively; seeing the progress made is always motivating

A self-study programme complementary to the lessons and critical to language progress.