Mission & Vision

Learn fast, stress free

Our mission

A unique experience

The mission of Fluente Languages is to provide a unique and highly personalised language experience through learner-centred training where students are responsible for achieving their own personal goals. We believe the learner is the driving force behind their own language development therefore our role is to offer professional guidance and support to learners throughout the process.

We provide a unique learning experience that allows learners to break away from a traditional, standardised passive approach to give way to a functional and personalization of learning to help learners deal with realistic everyday scenarios and define their pathway. We promote learner autonomy and responsibility.

Our mission is create on an innovative approach that identifies tailor made content and explores different methodolies to achieve fluency in a stressfree, non judgemental and personalised manner therefore allowing learners the opportunity to reach their language objectives quickly.

Our vision

Opportunity: optimize your language skills.

We offer companies and professionals the opportunity to deepen and perfect their foreign languages in a customised manner in a stress-free environment and, allow each participant to explore their natural potential to its fullest and strengthen their language skills.

Our method

Stress Free

Our Approach whether virtual or in-person, is to create an environment where the student feels comfortable to be themselves, free from any judgment, anxieties, worries, and away from the hectic pace of today's life. We nurture building a strong relationship of empathy, esteem, and trust between student and teacher as well as create a safe and reassuring learning environment.

Tailor Made

All of our courses are highly customized, so 'tailor-made' to the objectives, background, and unique characteristics of of each student. We run from day one a thorough needs analysis of the leaner's training needs and assess their prior knowledge in order to design a specific course based on what really works for them and is relevant to the leaner.

Affective Learning

It is critical to understand how students feel while they are learning, what emotions may block and motivate them, their negative and positive attitudes towards language learning, their opinions and their general behaviour in order to create a successful learning path by leveraging the student's strengths and turning weaknesses into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Learning to Learn

It is important for each student, guided by the teacher, to know and recognise their own way of acquiring information, their most effective approach, channel and learning style so that the learning process is an absolute success. In this preliminary phase, the teacher also tries out and exposes the learner to a range of language tools to find what really works.These are then to be used not only to consolidate and extent the learning process, but also for self-study.